Some East Phillips organizers aren’t satisfied with that answer, including Clark, who has remained involved. In a statement released this week, she argued that demolishing the building and adding the city’s fleet of commercial vehicles would only increase traffic and pollution in a neighborhood already burdened with more than its fair share. That’s to say nothing of the demolition debris, which she worries may release some of those decades old traces of arsenic..

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This is a really interesting engineering problem. You have plenty of constraints with competing interests with a defined set of inputs (teams) sets (weeks). There needs to be parity within the matchups and across the season. Have a lot of guys that can play, that can do a lot of different things and I can be an added piece, Dorsett said. Guy that can run the short route, run the deep route, run after the catch, blocking. I don have a limit to what I feel like I can do.